Snowy Interlude / January Favorites

Thursday, February 07, 2013

A brief interlude from my travel posts - bringing you my January favorites. Undoubtedly the snow was one of the highlights although I was very hesitant in giving in to the wonders of it and the constant social pressure to take a good picture for instagrammin' or facebookin', I decided to step out in my pjs (I kid you not) and found snow(flakes) falling gingerly on our front porch :)

Admittedly some of the pictures are from mid-December when Winter Wonderland was still on but I'd figure that Christmas spills over to the holiday seasons in new beginnings so there we go! The huge sesame pretzel wasn't that great though. In any case a majority of my Christmas market visits ends up in drinking mulled wine (mmm) and having goulash.

Fast-forward to the creeping up of Spring, cute stationery given to me by The None Other Miss Hodnett/housemate and I am lover of all things stationery (have you seen my colored pens collection?!) and Sylvie for a very delightful, and not to mention nice-smelling Champagne truffles to wrap up the cold wintry month! They do remind me of mochi though...

The lunar new year is upon us - for me it's missing out on the unhealthy snacks that makes me sad; which are your favorites and how will you be celebrating or not celebrating this weekend? I am particularly fond of 'love letters' (no idea why it's called that!) and my personal absolute favorite pineapple tarts...

Excuse me while I gently sob in despair!

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