Sound of Music

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Leopoldskron Palace
Mondsee Cathedral where Maria and the Captain got married
Town of Mondsee
Mirabell Gardens

I spent the whole last week and weekend organizing a conference with the most wonderful people as you will no doubt have seen if you are my friend on various social networking sites (sorry to spam your feed with my face everywhere ha!) but it was splendid catching up with new friends and making new ones; no doubt I was constantly sleep-deprived with a heavy penchant for swearing (oops sorry) but I am now rested and recuperated to bring you some amazing trip photos as promised from lovely lovely Salzburg and the Sound of Music tour :) 

I cannot emphasize how much I enjoyed this part of the trip; Leopoldskron Palace was already a treat at our first stop but Lake Fuschl was all the more delightful and it was a very relaxing day looking at places and partially reminiscing my childhood of watching Sound of Music! I also really enjoyed the Town of Mondsee which had such nice building colors - I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get a good shot of the shops as well! Which is your favorite song from the film?

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