Saturday, June 29, 2013

Oporto - lazy city by the Rio Duoro and home to world heritage Dom Luis Bridge (amongst other many bridges in Porto) and wonderful seafood town. A retreat to Portugal was a splendid opportunity to excite my tastebuds for the many Port wine tastings I was to chance upon (favorite kind of wine oh yes) and by no surprise ended up with about 4 bottles (oops) and to explore this less frequented town south of the more popular Lisboa. I really enjoyed walking around town, conversing in zero Portuguese but greeted with friendly understandings of my constant demands for desserts and meat. 

Of course I had nata (but wait for Lisboa's!) and amazing tarts, seafood and of course wine. The streets of Porto is littered with so many alleyways for lovers and young explorers, and avid walkers such as myself. And of course, to marvel at the Azulejo decorated building was compliment to the city's wonderfully rustic and historic architecture! You can already tell how much I miss the place by the way I am describing it now... Summer days are meant for traveling indeed. 

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