Friday, May 30, 2014

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Even a strange person needs some normal face-time-routine, or whatever cool kids call it these days. The window had some nice light, making it opportune for some new products I've been trying out from an Origins spree I went on a couple of weeks ago. 

The hype around the Origins Drink-Up Intensive and Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask was intense, surpassing dangerous levels. Also my mother said it was good. And clearly this hype continues on and I live to tell the tale that I immensely enjoy the latter (I have yet to make my foray into the overnight mask) and it leaves my otherwise stressful and anxious skin feeling very calm and smooth afterwards. 

I've already been using the Make a Difference Plus + moisturizer for a while and it's a good all-rounder for a lazy person like me, too preoccupied with The Big Things In Life and just absorbing the nice smell this gel-cream consistency that it gives off. Origins should start sponsoring me about now. 

And also since we went a bit cray with the purchases, Origins had an offer which threw in a complimentary Ginger Rush body cream - I think it's a new line they're coming up with. It's a very zesty and tangy lotion, not necessarily one that I feel that I might one day come to love and adore (my favorite is the Korres line) but it'll have to do; it doesn't feel sticky but leaves your skin pleasantly smooth so that's always a plus in anyone's books. 

Finally the mini samples came along with a cute bag, good for traveling with a few of Origins' best-sellers and I shall look forward to trying these out in the next few weeks too. 

Holla at everyone who's reading this, I'm not dead. You can talk to me in comments below, if you'd like! 

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