Tales of the Silent City

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Could it be? It has been almost a year since my last post due to various boring reasons that you won't be interested in... But amidst studying Nietzsche (day two of this crazy German man) one finds a quiet reprieve in editing and reminiscing over happier and brighter times. I took a trip about two months back with a friend to Malta, and it was very relaxing to say the least. The city is bathed (most of the time we were there anyway) with sun and light as though we were in a distant past, draped in ancient limestone aged over the years...

My favorite part of the trip was when we visited the old harbor cities, it was like a ghost town but it proved to be a pleasant hideaway from a city like London, just taking an afternoon off roaming around and dare I say, enjoy life a little bit. That said, London is curiously having some thunder today and alas it is back to reality for me but in the meantime I hope this proves to be a sufficient comeback until I wade my way through huge stacks of philosophy texts....

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