Spring eats: Granger & Co. Clerkenwell

Sunday, April 10, 2016

granger & co london

Spring blooms and blossoms with April showers, and so do our meals – vibrant, spicy and exciting, that's what I thought Granger & Co was doing anyway... welcome to another mini review of a food establishment. I'm usually not up to par on food reviews but I'll give it a go. 

I even used Rose Quartz for the circle colour guys, if this isn't dedication I don't know what is. 

I met up with some peeps from uni at their Clerkenwell branch for lunch to celebrate a birthday and I was delightfully surprised by the airy and bright spot of this place. That said, I got lost three times so it was a welcome scenery. I've only been to the Notting Hill one which in comparison, isn't as large as this one and I thought it had more space to move around and breathe. 

Word of warning: I'm a natural skeptic when it comes to fancier restaurants (i.e. nice interiors/'blog goals' worthy places l o l soz guys) because it'll always be food > design for me. I mean, great if you're Chiltern Firehouse for example but many places put too much emphasis on their aesthetic than tummy sustenance. Anyone with me? 

granger & co london

Our lunch was for noon on the dot, and there were already eager diners and a small queue waiting at the bar for a table... I already knew Granger & Co. for their famed ricotta hotcakes but their spring menu boasted loads of 'spring-appropriate' ingredients: brown rice, edamame and even kimchi. FYI this place has so many asian flavoured dishes I was like ???? gochujang, korean fried chicken and even spicy pork belly was served. Not as good as the real deal, but still, not bad. 

But hot damn there were loads of people, crowds built up and tables left and went but it was always super busy. But did I think it was worth the trip/money? YOU SHALL FIND OUT. 

Also, because this was situated right smack in the thoroughfares of design companies in Clerkenwell, everyone was dressed really 'nice'. Cue me: entering with some corduroy jeans and my comfiest worn-in striped top. Heheheheh. 

granger & co london
granger & co london

Word of caution: unless you're willing to spend £9+ (the bloody mary pictured above) upwards for a cocktail or at least £4 for a 'cold pressed' smoothie (which I will never do) then save your pockets for their actual food. I went for korean fried chicken for starters (though a bit pricey for £8.50 sobs) and the tuna and avo poke bowl which is like, literally the it thing in the superhealth circles right now I think. 

Some of us got the soft shell crab kimchi fried rice, a humongous salad with chicken and kale on the side. Save the chicken, I'd say I felt pretty full and satisfied. The average of a main is £10-20 depending on whether you add meat or not but it's definitely a fancier ~brunch establishment~ where bloggers/lifestylin' people come and hang out for the #aethestic. 

granger & co london
granger & co london
granger & co london

The high windows and wooden panelling is like any other mature hipster foodie place you'll find, and what bloggahs would call heaven. Their bathrooms were painted pastel pink and had Aesop hand wash too. I mean, good stuff but I've also been to places with £1 hand wash with food just as great, if not better. 

Anyway, did I like it? I liked it alright. I definitely like the meal itself but it's a place I would only want to come if I'm feeling financially generous (hardly ever). The portions aren't too bad, but I have other places I can think of if I want a more filling meal. The clientele is a bit too sophisticated for my liking and the the drinks are definitely overpriced. That said, I did enjoy the zangy spring taste in my meal and I enjoyed my dining experience... ffs their tap water came in a conical flask shaped glass... thing. DANG SON. Ain't no more middle class than this, my friends. 

Granger & Co. Clerkenwell 
50 Seckforde Street 

granger & co london

Have any of y'all been here/share your thoughts or if you're planning to come here? Else, where have you been spring dining? Let's chat about life and catch up you guys ^__^

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